Nicky's Blog

Hi, I'm Nicky, and this is my blog.

I'm a reader that doesn't read that often,
A gamer that hardly plays,
A writer that never writes,
And a dreamer on his phone all day.

I'm fat,
Chronically depressed,
A hopeless perfectionist,
And generally a bit of a calm mess.

And I want that to change, and that change starts here.

Every Sunday, I'll be posting honestly about my attempts at self-improvement: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'll talk about my hopes, fears, past, and pains, but also about the good side; the love, the joy, and peace in my life.

Sounds original, I know, but hopefully you'll come along with me for the the ride.

And hey, if something clicks with you or if you want to reach out, you can get me at