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Catch Up Day

I think it's fair to say I've been slacking in most areas of my life recently. It usually happens with a build up of trouble in my work life and a general feeling of burn out. Boy have I needed this time off.

My self-care reviews and organisation, chores around the house, messages and emails left unactioned and not replied to. When it comes to the house, it's not just me; my wife has shared in the laziness too. But there's stuff to do, and I can do it, so do it I shall.

Today's post then is going to be a bit of a two-in-one, a before and after. I'm writing the before part now, first thing in the morning, to list all the bits I'm aiming to get done today and why. The why being important to cement that reasoning in my head, else it's just another thing that can wait till tomorrow. Then the next day. Then the next, and so on.

Then at the end of the day, I'll come back to it and finish the post off with what I've managed to achieve, where I might have fallen short, and what I'm going to do about that.

So, let's begin.



I'm pretty bad at responding when I'm in the thick of it. My usual pattern is to leave the message as unread, the idea being that it'll prompt me in the morning when I'm hopefully feeling better/more energised/more engaged. Then when I'm not, it stays as unread, both to remind me later when I'm hopefully feeling better, and at worst to try and shame me into reply.

That rarely actually works (a problem for another day), so I have a few unread messages: one from an old friend, one from a friend. I fell out of contact with for a while, and one from a close friend who knows what I'm about. On top of that, I need to rearrange a meet up for this weekend, and I have a response from CEX regarding a bad Trustpilot review I left after buying a game from them that turned out to have a massive dent in the disc. That's been there about a week now.

Four tasks then:


Hoo boy. Chores.

We're not living in squalor. Washing up gets done, sides wiped down, l things get tidied. But that's just a fraction of the weekly chores that need doing in this place.

So what have we got:

Easily achievable in one day, right?

And the rest

So, a lot to do.

How did I do?




And the rest


I couldn't quite decide this morning if the list was going to be unbearable or really easy. Turns out it was somewhere in the middle.

Thanks to my wife, the only ones we didn't get through were either physically unable to be done (thanks in part to my GP springing another medication review on me with no notification) or because I just don't have the will to finish them. I know the CEX email is just an email. I know the rearranging is just a message. But after all of the above, plus a gym session, plus some distractions along the way, I'm calling it a day on anything that requires the bare minimum. And that's ok.

The main distraction was my wife snapping her nail clean off by re-arranging the sofa cushions, of all things. She caught her fake nail on the edge, which then took the nail it was stuck to clean off. With no Vaseline or plasters in the house, that was a 20 minute trip to Morrison's and back, then a bit longer to clean and cover the pad. That's going to be a fun six months waiting for that to grow back.

The other distraction was pre-list, but something I had to keep an eye on through the day. Woke up this morning to discover a wad of chewing gum in my dog's paw that must have got lodged there's on his walk last night. Frantic Googling told me to use olive oil to break it down, and just to just monitor for any symptoms that should present in 24 hours. It didn't look like he managed to get any off, but he'd certainly been chewing around it, so I've been keeping an eye on him just in case. All happy and healthy though, so all good there.

The KALLAX cupboard were by far the biggest pain. IKEA annoys me at the best of times (except the SONGESAND line - so, so easy to put together), but we figured the cupboards consisting of a door, two hinges, and a folded cardboard interior would be nice and easy to do. It took two hours, a lot of sweat, and has ended up being wildly inconsistent from door to door. Still, the wife is now satisfied that the room looks neater, and that means a job well done.

Honestly, I'm pretty proud. On top of the gym session later in the day, this has been the most I've managed to do in a day in months. Plus, instead of trying to do it all myself like I usually do, I worked with my wife to get it done. An entirely satisfactory job.

And now I'm in desperate need of a shower. Bathrooms never stay clean for long.

Words - 1,742
Running total - 17,430 (34.9%, 760 words ahead of target)

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