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Do It For Her

It can be really hard to motivate myself to do, well, anything.

Some of it's laziness, some of it's stereotypical depression. Regardless of the cause, the result is the same - overflowing laundry basket, washing up needing putting away, and a boring, and unfulfilling life.

I've tried a lot of things to try and push myself out of the funk, but there's one I can rely on at my worst.

Do It For Her.

Long time readers might have picked up that I love a Simpsons reference, and this is no exception. If you've never watched the episode, And Maggie Makes Three, you've probably seen the memes.

The story behind it is Homer, after quitting the nuclear plant to go work at the bowling alley, only to go crawling back when Maggie came along and he needed the money. Mr Burns put up a sign saying 'Don't Forget, You're Here Forever' to taunt him, and Homer covered it up enough with photos of Maggie to spell out 'Do It For her'.

I don't have a Maggie1, but I do have a wife (and a dog) who rely on me. Not just for my side of the finances and to sort stuff out, but to be a healthy, happy, functioning adult.

The problem is I don't really care about being a healthy, happy, functioning adult a lot of the time. I have a McDonald's and Starbucks around the corner, plenty of cheap snack options, an incredibly comfy sofa and bed2, and the endless time suck of the internet. Disfunction can be pretty comfortable, especially when it only appears to affect me. My mood, my body, my life.

But she needs me. And so it affects her too, and that's cause enough..

It's still not fool proof. We've had a busy few days, and there's a boatload of dry washing to put away. Not to mention the hoovering.

But I'm still here, trying to make healthy choices with my time and body, making sure I'll be by her side as long as I can. Hard at work, staying engaged with hobbies, trying to socialise more and get out of my own skull. All to try and keep myself happy and functioning so I can enjoy my time with her.

I may not care about what happens to me, but I do care about what happens to her. And so I'll do it for her, every day, until I physically can't. That's what till death do us part means.

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  1. Thank Christ

  2. Separate furniture. Sofa beds suuuuck.