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even for me, this was weird

So my dreams are often cuckoo. Straight up fever fuelled style hallucinations almost every day, but even accounting for that, last night's was nuts.

It started with me being friendly with a YouTube/podcast personality. Reasonable enough; I'd spent three hours yesterday on a long walk listening to their most recent episode. Only, he was also having a breakdown, and needed someone to talk him down, which I did.

Success! Publicly acknowledged success too, as he'd put it out across his socials and his content that I had essentially brought him back down to reality. Then his wife, who looked strangely familiar1, called to ask me if we could meet up so she could thank me.

No, this didn't go that way. Get your mind out of the gutter. It was at a cafe over coffee. She started telling me how grateful she was, how bad he'd been recently until I stepped in, and then she asked if I could keep a secret. I could. She showed me.

She was a squid. Like a little-ish squid. In a jar of water. In a robot body, that she was able to control.

This apparently wasn't as shocking to me in the dream, although that was when the anxiety started.

She went on to say about how her husband had been struggling with keeping the secret all these years, and it must have been taking a toll on her. Crying (because that's a thing), she thanked me over and over and asked if I could pick her up for a moment.

I reached into the jar, felt her tentacles wrap around my hands and I lifted her easily, and this is where it gets weird.

Her insides came out.

Straight up instant death. Apparently perched on a platform, and this platform was either containing or was anchored to her insides and they just fell out of her. Instant kill, in a public place, surrounded by people who apparently didn't care she was a squid, but definitely cared and noticed that she died.

I didn't wake up straight away. I stayed there just long enough for the situation to escalate and the anxiety hormones to really ramp up. I practically ran out of bed at my iPad alarm.

And yet my wife still questions why I'm so tired through the day...

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  1. And as I edit the post, I realise she was an old housemate's then girlfriend.