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Just Do It

My weight loss has been stalling lately. Aside from one good week where I lost a couple of pounds, the needle's barely moved in either direction which one on the one hand, yay, on the other hand, not so much.

This began the building of the mountain. Because of my appetite and my mental health, I was going to need to carefully plan my diet to allow for another 100-200 kcals to be cut on the daily in a way that tricks me into barely noticing. Maybe more snacks high in fibre to make me feel more satiated, bigger salads to save calories whilst consuming bulk, maybe look up cheap protein shakes.

Each thing becomes another challenge to climb over, becoming a near insurmountable task that will require a couple of hours of deep thought to come up with multiple strategies and plans and calculations to find the best combinations that meet my aims.

Alternatively, I could just do it. Ignore the mountain, and just walk around it and see where it leads.

That was Tuesday. I'm down two and a half pounds since then, averaging around 100kcals less than the week before.

On a roll, I started to think about the Reorganising Everything project I've had for a few months. Same story: good idea with solid intentions that was turning into a thing I was dreading because it kept looking bigger and bigger, which meant I would need hours to properly deconstruct it and do it right.

Or not. I took an hour while the wife was on the phone to a friend one night and built a barebones approach to my system using Obsidian. There's still a few things that need sorting and tweaking (all part of a later write up), but I now have a task and reference system set up, with regular reviews planned starting tomorrow.

I hate how good this feels, but I don't hate the results.

Plus, I'm getting better at not feeling crippling shame about getting it wrong all these years. Turns out The Worry Trick was right; counter-intuitive approaches work.

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